Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shirt part II & a angry lady

Hello Darlings.

How are all of you? As promised this is part two of my shirt diy followed by a few personal thoughts on a new experience of mine. Or what I call "You have no right to be rude because I am not your ideal customer." followed by, "You close minded jerk I would tear your fingernails out and boil you alive in motor oil if I wasn't such a nice person." Care to continue reading? I swear it is an actual story followed by a few thoughts and comments and not a dramatic venting rant by me. I promise.

Here is my finished shirt. It has two coats of bleach on it. This is before it was hand washed and left to dry.

Like I said. My camera is bad. This is looking down on the shirt with my bathroom lights. I live in an old farmhouse which explains the lack of lamps and the poor lighting whenever I try and take a picture. Weird huh? Plus I didn't have the patience to wait until the morning and take a photo outside. Chide me as you will, what's done is done.
Now this second photo is after the wash and dry. I like how it dries, but personally I hate my drawing. I plan to re-do this shirt. I might try to throw it in a black fabric dye bath and start over. If the dye will cover up the bleach. I need to do some research first. As far as a first time goes though I think I did O.K. Thoughts or suggestions?

Alright, on to what I would like to talk about today. Now I'm not new to choice words and bullying when it comes to my wardrobe. I'm used to the stares and mistrust. I'm used to the "You could be a pretty girl ifs" and those"that outfit does nothing for you" comments. BUT. I have never been refused service before. So for those of you who have, bear with me while I act exasperated for a moment.


My grandmother and I were in Hobby Lobby when we encountered this rude woman working there. I was wearing the shirt above, an ankle length black skirt with my black combat boots. A rather tame outfit in my eyes. Now that is my lone opinion and I recognize that. However this woman gave me the biggest evil eye and barked out an answer to grandma's question before practically running away from us. I don't care what she thinks of me, but no-one is allowed to be rude to my nana!

[That's another story.] However I saw this woman again later while I was looking for black fabric dye. It's a big store and I was lost. She was within 3 feet of me and we made eye contact. I smiled and called loud enough for a few other women to hear, I'm not a whisperer. It was the basic, "Excuse me Ma'am but could you help me find X?"

She looked me up and down slowly once again and with this look that said she smelt something rotten  she clearly turned on her heel and headed in the opposite direction. Now I'm not exaggerating and I didn't imagine this. Other customers saw this interaction and so did two other employees. Actually the older woman employee who complimented me on my shirt came over for damage control in the form of helping me find what I was looking for. But still!


 I suppose I'm just surprised and upset. I know that even if I did report her attitude it wouldn't matter and this won't be the last time something like this happens.I'm just going to have to channel this, then mentally file it and carry on. But I'm so angry. It's acceptable behavior to judge and discriminate against the girl in black while the woman with noticeable B.O and still in last week's pajamas who didn't take a bath or brush her teeth this morning is treated better than me.  [[I swear on my future grave I really do run into girls like this and I have to hold my breath and run away!]]

I feel like those who dress alternatively are the only sane ones roaming a world full of let out crazies. Anyone else share that fantasy?

Lady over and out.



  1. I really love that shirt - its a great idea to paint with bleach <3 you are very talented <3

    1. I know, I don't see why we don't do more with bleach since it's so much fun. Thank you! But speaking of talented you're one to talk!! Those skeleton leggings you did were awesome and very creative. You're a very talented painter. How much for lessons? :)