Friday, June 28, 2013

Inexpensive complexion tips.

Hello Darlings!

How are all of you doing? I'm well. Between work ending for the summer; a summer job search, being on vacation, lots of lovely drizzly rainy days and hunting for new music I thought of a nice post to write.

I thought about writing about your face! hah. *cough* I mean how much time do we spend obsessing over our faces and the cost of gaining and keeping our clear complexions?

Well, I don't spend much on my face except to splurge on the few good bottles of makeup I have, but to that in a minute.

These are my guaranteed face tips that always clear up and keep my (and now hopefully your) blemished skin at bay. *disclaimer* I am in no way an esthetician, this is just what works for me. Alright? ;) Onward.

1. Wash your face 4 times a day. Now wait, hear me out on this one. I wash my face twice, in the morning and in the night but I have one little extra twist. I wash off my makeup and then wash my "clean" face again! That way I'm actually cleaning the skin, and simply not cleaning to get the dirt and makeup off. You'll notice your soap, gel, foam what have you won't be as sudsy the first time because it's grabbed all the dirt and grim. However once you apply the soap the second time -watch out! bubble orgy.

2. I use organic Nubian Village soap every day but use st. ives green tea (salicylic acid) soap for when I do have blemishes crop up. That way you don't have any perfume or chemicals drying or irritating your skin. I buy the nubian village at Whole Foods or The Vitamin Shoppe and it's under $10. St. Ives I just buy in travel bottle size at Target for $5 and under.

3. I use Fruit of The Earth: Vitamin E Skin Cream as a night cream and it is amazing for dry skin, cleaning up and maintaining your complexion while you sleep. I buy it at the dollar store and you can buy it two cans for $1-5 if memory serves correctly. I can really tell when I forget to use it. Also a little goes a LONG way. I replenished my stock last august? and I still have the two cans since I am only half way through the first can. The can is one hand full in size. (I use just plain Aveeno or Cetaphil daily moisturizer as my day cream)

4. Wash your makeup brushes every two weeks at least! I use the soap and olive oil directions for washing them. Never heard of it? Read it and weep. -->

*Here is the link to the Nubian Village Soap:
*This is what the fruit of the earth skin care cream looks like for reference:

Well darlings, that's all I have to say. It's really that plain of me. I hope you at least try some of the products I mentioned when your old products are used up. At least try the skin cream, it seconds as an ear rub for those who stretch their ears. If that's a wrong term, whatever. I've always called it that, even when I did my ears. It's effective and less messy than oils. 

That's all I have to yammer on about so have a good night. 

P.s. Looking for some interesting new music? Try Son of Rust. I'm digging "Highest Cost" right now. ;)