Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One of my poems

Hello Darlings~

I was in a artsy mood of sorts today and felt like sharing one of my poems with you. This is bonafide. I did not steal this from anyone it is truly my baby and I am very proud of it. I wrote this in high school and my English teacher called me his little Sylvia Plath. He was being sarcastic but I took it as a compliment. <3

I carried this lil' beaut with me into my college poetry class and not only did it get me an easy A, but it solidified my spot as darkest writer in the class no matter how hard my crush tried to beat me hoohah. haha.
 Hm, no that was my "write a murder story about you killing me dare" that I totally nailed to their horror and future regret for daring me in the first place... Anyways to the point at hand! :)


beyond fizzing emerald skulls
scarlet orbs pursue the children
burning smiles of innocence
melt jaded jaws

past crackling acrylic pupils
creep along lavender corpses
screaming crimson gashes
make their wicked stomachs grin

twist them into pies, perverted fun

electric howling candles
feed the hell burnt demons
acidic puffs of smog
billow from their eyes

before the swaying mist
mother's ebony shadow
doubling in shrieking lamentation

beside pearling satin tears
they snatch away blossoming
dreams of coral warbling angels
digesting golden rays of glory in their wake

frost tipped fingers yank lace eyelashes
roosting charcoal dusted spiders
phantoms devour lungs of sugar spun infants,
upon the slope of salted lips.

I hope you enjoyed it, perhaps I'll share again some other time. Have a lovely Wednesday.