Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another poem and my manicure of the week.

Hello Darlings~

How was your weekend? I'm rather joyful because I got to see my baby brothers. I took them to get caramel apples, cider and then went to the arcade and played laser tag. It was actually really fun! What did you do?

Anyhoo... I felt like sharing another poem. I do recognize and intended it to be rather dramatic and overdone since it talks of love. Also that dramatic side of me found it amusing to write. My love life and those love lives I've witnessed around me have all had that similar dramatic pinch to them so I suppose I find it true, at least in my opinion. I would love to have a love that has no drama to it, or if I could just press a button to fast forward over those parts. I just don't understand it. When you speak and act bluntly there is no room for pointless drama. Speak your mind and say what is honestly on your heart. There is that so hard? Why the lies? Why the sneaking, secretive deception? Why waste our time? We only get one life why do so many accept wading through all the muck? ...aahh, sorry bout that. I didn't intend a rant. Imagine me blushing, wait I don't think you can tell when a pale person is blushing can you? Hm.

"Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? -SH"

Getting on with it.

Devilish Fiend:
You were my dark beauty
Ebony hair and eyes dark as Spanish sweets
Cruel smile, ruby lips

I bleed out my undying love for you
Greedy lips parched for another glass

Those dirty lips caress my own
Drinking in my undying praise for you
Sucking out my soul to create a makeshift plaything

Nails, kicks, hits
You drag my armor off eagerly
Wanting to see my wounded body function helplessly
Ripping tearing – waiting to see how long it bleeds

Breaking everything in your adventure
Have you dug deep enough?
Seen all there is to see?
My love flows just as deep as I said it would

No need to fling me away
My love for you will consume me completely
As long as you keep my tearful steady gaze

AND end my angsty old (and I mean old!) teen love poem hah. Well let me know if you like it or not. I'm always looking to better my work. So if there's anything you think should be changed I'd love to hear your opinion. I have a thick skin. :) Share some of your own, I'd love to hear your stories and poems! <3

On to my manicure: 
Nothing special, but I love that split nail look.I've been doing all different color combinations with this one. Anything to cure the week night boredom, well that and having a dance part of one listening to Specimen haha.
Enjoy your Tuesday,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

more tips I thought of when it comes to a clear complexion.

Heya Darlings.

How are all of you doing? I can't complain myself (well not too much)
I've had a week of milk bathes from an infant who hasn't been feeling well at the preschool/childcare I work at. But it is fun being able to snuggle them and mush those little fat cheeks... (^,^)

For this post I thought I'd just do an expansion of my last complexion post, as I've added a few new routines and items and thought that they would benefit ya'll.

So for starters, you need to add a body brush to your collection of beauty items. I have never felt so good in my skin, feeling-wise since I started dry body brushing! I bought this take a part brush from walmarts http://i.walmartimages.com/i/p/00/07/96/25/07/0007962507117_500X500.jpg
 it was only $4.88 exactly, minus taxes and it is very nicely made for something so cheap. Yes it does shed, but that only happens when I press way too hard and scrub hard. Dry brushing has many body and skin benefits.

  • It helps with the circulation of the body
  • Brushing off dead skins cells will cause a faster turnover of new skin cells which helps create softer, smoother and healthier skin.
  • It's been said that brushing helps move the lymph fluid of the body along and helps with detoxifying the body daily. Feel free to google or wiki that term, I'm not starting a science lecture here folks. 
Secondly, I highly suggest black soap for your face and body. I only recently discovered this wonder shop called, one hand washes the other:  http://www.ohwto.com/ and I cannot recommend her soap enough! I have yet to branch into her other products, I have no money until payday (hear me weep) so I'll expand on her site and products another day.

About her black soap, yes it will look strange having grey soap wash off your face but it works wonders! It doesn't feel dry on my skin like most face soaps do, and I can do my double face wash without worrying about my face getting tight. Secondly, there all oodles of scary good products in this stuff. It's not a long list:   
*Ingredients: saponified oils of coconut palm and safflower, kosher vegetable glycerine, purified water, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, french green clay, activated charcoal, tea tree, grapefruit, lemongrass, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils, vitamin e.

Yep, that's it. :)

Also I suggest tea tree oil as a spot corrector. You can buy it for around $10 at the vitamin shoppe or the body shop and it stretches a long way. I bought a bottle around mother's day and I still have more than half a bottle left. 

As one last thought I think you should give witch hazel a try as a toner. I like to mix in 10 to 15 drops of my tea tree oil. I can really tell a difference in the morning if I haven't used it the night before.

Hm, well that's all for this time darlings. I hope you look into these items and that if you do choose to incorporate them into your beauty routine they work as well for you as they have for me.

Good night~ 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One of my poems

Hello Darlings~

I was in a artsy mood of sorts today and felt like sharing one of my poems with you. This is bonafide. I did not steal this from anyone it is truly my baby and I am very proud of it. I wrote this in high school and my English teacher called me his little Sylvia Plath. He was being sarcastic but I took it as a compliment. <3

I carried this lil' beaut with me into my college poetry class and not only did it get me an easy A, but it solidified my spot as darkest writer in the class no matter how hard my crush tried to beat me hoohah. haha.
 Hm, no that was my "write a murder story about you killing me dare" that I totally nailed to their horror and future regret for daring me in the first place... Anyways to the point at hand! :)


beyond fizzing emerald skulls
scarlet orbs pursue the children
burning smiles of innocence
melt jaded jaws

past crackling acrylic pupils
creep along lavender corpses
screaming crimson gashes
make their wicked stomachs grin

twist them into pies, perverted fun

electric howling candles
feed the hell burnt demons
acidic puffs of smog
billow from their eyes

before the swaying mist
mother's ebony shadow
doubling in shrieking lamentation

beside pearling satin tears
they snatch away blossoming
dreams of coral warbling angels
digesting golden rays of glory in their wake

frost tipped fingers yank lace eyelashes
roosting charcoal dusted spiders
phantoms devour lungs of sugar spun infants,
upon the slope of salted lips.

I hope you enjoyed it, perhaps I'll share again some other time. Have a lovely Wednesday.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Inexpensive complexion tips.

Hello Darlings!

How are all of you doing? I'm well. Between work ending for the summer; a summer job search, being on vacation, lots of lovely drizzly rainy days and hunting for new music I thought of a nice post to write.

I thought about writing about your face! hah. *cough* I mean how much time do we spend obsessing over our faces and the cost of gaining and keeping our clear complexions?

Well, I don't spend much on my face except to splurge on the few good bottles of makeup I have, but to that in a minute.

These are my guaranteed face tips that always clear up and keep my (and now hopefully your) blemished skin at bay. *disclaimer* I am in no way an esthetician, this is just what works for me. Alright? ;) Onward.

1. Wash your face 4 times a day. Now wait, hear me out on this one. I wash my face twice, in the morning and in the night but I have one little extra twist. I wash off my makeup and then wash my "clean" face again! That way I'm actually cleaning the skin, and simply not cleaning to get the dirt and makeup off. You'll notice your soap, gel, foam what have you won't be as sudsy the first time because it's grabbed all the dirt and grim. However once you apply the soap the second time -watch out! bubble orgy.

2. I use organic Nubian Village soap every day but use st. ives green tea (salicylic acid) soap for when I do have blemishes crop up. That way you don't have any perfume or chemicals drying or irritating your skin. I buy the nubian village at Whole Foods or The Vitamin Shoppe and it's under $10. St. Ives I just buy in travel bottle size at Target for $5 and under.

3. I use Fruit of The Earth: Vitamin E Skin Cream as a night cream and it is amazing for dry skin, cleaning up and maintaining your complexion while you sleep. I buy it at the dollar store and you can buy it two cans for $1-5 if memory serves correctly. I can really tell when I forget to use it. Also a little goes a LONG way. I replenished my stock last august? and I still have the two cans since I am only half way through the first can. The can is one hand full in size. (I use just plain Aveeno or Cetaphil daily moisturizer as my day cream)

4. Wash your makeup brushes every two weeks at least! I use the soap and olive oil directions for washing them. Never heard of it? Read it and weep. --> http://www.collegefashion.net/beauty-and-hair/how-to-wash-your-makeup-brushes/

*Here is the link to the Nubian Village Soap: http://www.afrikanrepublic.com/cat_nubian.cfm
*This is what the fruit of the earth skin care cream looks like for reference:

Well darlings, that's all I have to say. It's really that plain of me. I hope you at least try some of the products I mentioned when your old products are used up. At least try the skin cream, it seconds as an ear rub for those who stretch their ears. If that's a wrong term, whatever. I've always called it that, even when I did my ears. It's effective and less messy than oils. 

That's all I have to yammer on about so have a good night. 

P.s. Looking for some interesting new music? Try Son of Rust. I'm digging "Highest Cost" right now. ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review of Soap and Glory Shower Trip Set.

Hello Darlings!

Tonight is a review night: Soap and Glory Shower Trip Set.

I will be discussing all the products of this set, as well as my opinions based off of how they work for sensitive skin, how long they last and overall satisfaction.

I found this photo on beautysnob.com
 So the above photo is all the goodies you will receive in the set. I was so excited to receive this in the mail. I loved the perfumed smell as I unwrapped the bag, and the bag itself. I still use it for my shower bag when I travel. It is extremely roomy! There are five generous travel sized products with a loofah. I bought this from Sephora, although currently I do not see it as an available set to buy.

Scrub of Your Life (6.7oz): I love this scrub when I use it as a hand/heel scrub. I personally did not feel it was strong enough as a body scrub, and I found myself reaching for my homemade sugar scrub to finish the job. It smells nice, but works better and isn't overpowering when saved for a pre-manicure scrub now and again.

Righteous Butter (1.7oz): This was rightly called a butter! I love body butter, but found it to be a little greasy when applying and not long lasting as far as overall moisture goes. I could be wrong, and perhaps shouldn't have used it sparingly but I didn't want to be out of this during my first after shower test. It goes that fast! I found it to drying and it started to break me out for the one week I did use it before giving it to my Grandmother who does not have sensitive skin. Although that is just my personal experience, it could be the body butter of your dreams. It just isn't for us extremely sensitive skinned girl regardless of whoever says otherwise.

Clean On Me (3.4oz): I had a similar experience with the soap as I did the body butter. It suds well, and a little goes a long way, but I found the highly perfumed soap to be drying and irritating for my skin. Again, a little less than two weeks and I broke out into a horrible rash/acne breakout that took me just as long to get rid of. It was especially embarrassing to want to wear t-shirts and you can't in the hot spring weather because of a horrible red rash/pimples on your chest, shoulders and the back of your neck and down. Not to mention uncomfortable. Sensitive skin girls don't even go near this with a 10ft pole.

Sexy Mutherpucker (0.23oz and punch bowl pink): This is the one product that I really love! For those days you want a thick glossy shine over your lipstick, this is the gloss to use. It is also a lip plumping product, so I loved the tingling I got in my lips. It is a bright pink yet depending on how many layers you add it is a nice babydoll pink, just with enough of a pop for your neutral makeup days. However like with all lip products you need to exfoliate your lips or you will have your flaky little lip scales spread all over your sticky pink pout. Not an attractive look!


Hand Food (1.7oz): I love this lotion. It is thick and moisturizing. It doesn't leave your hands oily or sticky like some lotions can. Sometimes I will wear mittens and socks to bed (only in the winter haha) with a thick repairing and moisturizing lotion like this one to repair all the damage I've done to my poor extremities. I hope that is a good description of how this lotion is. I share it with my nana who gets terribly cracked and dry hands and she loves it. So two reviews for the price of one on this one haha.

All in All: ****

I give this set a 4/5. I love the bag and how roomy it is, I use it on all trips and as a daily storage bag. While the soap and body butter gave me a rash, being an extremely sensitive skinned person I should have thought twice about how perfumed it was and what it could have done (did do to me.) I would recommend the body butter in a large tub after you try the sample first, it goes on thickly and goes fast! I also highly recommend the hand soap for all those looking for a good hand cream. what I would not recommend to everyone is the Scrub of Your Life, although I am a cheapskate and just make my own sugar scrubs whenever I need a good scrub down. So I would not recommend based on shelling more money out for something you can make at home.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Long time no see!

Hello Darlings.

I admit first and foremost I have been very naughty for not touching my poor little baby of a blog since Christmas. Christmas? Yes Christmas. Especially naughty for ignoring all the wonderful people who bothered to glance at this little space of mine in the first place.

I would hand you all smack permits to have you hand back to me but unfortunately no-one else seems to think a coupon allowing you to smack other people is a good idea. Hmph.

If you happen to be curious about what happened to me in the first place, I will happily tell you. I finally cut all ties with my mother, who I was having issues with, found a "9-5" job, bought a car and dumped a few other toxic people out of my life. Phew! I had a busy beginning to 2013. I also got my first tattoo but I will save that for another post.

I was really depressed back in the fall and I started my blog as a type of journal to just regurgitate everything onto something since I couldn't talk to other's about all this in my daily life, but I've realized I started blogging for the wrong reasons.

I want to share and enrich another's life, not throw more emotional sludge their way. Therefore I will be revamping this blog somewhat and will start posting once more.

I'm sure that seems like an empty promise and I realize I've said that before. However I also want to post interesting things, so quality over quantity.

I'm excited to share the rest of this year with all of you! I figure I will do a "What's to see in 2013" talking about my new mods and hair etc. as something fun to write about first.

I've missed you all and would love to hear about your Xmas' and New Years as well as whatever else is new since it's almost May.

~ (sheepishly) Lady