Monday, November 26, 2012

All my online purchases have arrived!

Hello Darlings!

I hope you are all feeling well and had a good start to the week. Personally I'm feeling a little under the weather and stayed home overdosing on cocoa, toast and hot broth. I only went out to buy some tea and more soup...and makeup. The highlight of my day was that my big box from Sephora came today (it weighed almost 3 pounds!) and as a bonus surprise my purchase from came too. They have infamously fast shipping! I only buy from their store when they have coupons on the newletter I receive in my email. I got 25% off every item for black friday. win/win I say!
amber/purple single flare colorfront pyrex plugs

Here's a quicky list of what I bought. I thought I would do an in depth review of everything later. I wouldn't want to punish all of you with up close photos of my sickly face plastered in makeup.

I bought:
  • soap and glory shower trip set
  • rosebud perfume co. rosebud salve,
  • opi "i'm so sari" nailpolish, (and I qualified for the makeup pouch full of 14 free samples)

I'm really happy with all of these so far. I bought the set to try out a few different products at once and as a bonus I needed another bag anyways. The nailpolish is absolutely fabulous as well. Plus the sexy motherpucker lip plumping lip gloss looks amazing on my lips and it smells great. When I went to walgreens I grabbed some garnier bb cream and the andrea modlash false lash starter kit so those will be a part of the review as well. I hope you all have a good tuesday tomorrow and you will here from me soon for a makeup/ bath product review.

Good night Darlings!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vegan blabbing and a photo drop.

Hello Darlings.

Hello Hello! I swear darlings I haven't forgotten a single one of you, or about my precious blog. It's simply that work has picked up quite a bit! I need to work out a schedule so I can keep up with regular posts. 
How are all of you? A while ago I mentioned a little road trip I went on and I thought I would share a few photos and since I knew that wouldn't take up the whole post I thought I would talk a little about being vegan. So if you're interested, scroll scroll scroll! :)

 One of the many rivers/lakes we crossed on the two hour trip. It was too pretty to pass up a shot.
Cheddar's Restaurant.
 Can you believe they ate 6 onion rings and there were still over 20 left on the plate? It was insanity! Also realize we ordered the small appetizer size and this is considered a small. Mind boggling!!
The Frankenstein caramel apple I wanted to buy, but it was a halloween special and it was still a week away. Boo! ... hoo hoo. :( Actually I bet it wouldn't taste that good because of the fondant? I can't tell if it's that or dyed chocolate but that stuff is usually too sickly sweet or fake tasting to actually gnaw or digest. But I give it a 7 for cuteness.

moar GIFS here!
speaking of cute...

Can anyone explain to me why I'm getting such huge gaps when I add gifs like this? It's odd. Thanks in advance darlings!

First off let me throw out a tiny disclaimer of some sort. In all honestly, I haven't been a vegan long so if you ask me about a certain product I may not know it, but I would be happy to test it out and talk about it. However my "noob-ness" of sorts shouldn't count me out since any ounce of knowledge at all is still knowledge! :)

For instance, I made vegan banana bread today and it was incredibly tasty. It just happened to work out for me because my bananas were getting too ripe and my papa has a lot of stevia around because he's diabetic. (vegans don't eat white sugar but do use natural sweeteners like stevia, agave or sucanat.) For those of you who aren't aware white sugar is processed by filtering it through bone char. "( charcoal made from animal bones*) uhm, gross. [[]]*
Crunchy but moist 100% vegan banana bread. yum!

I'm not going to lie to you, breaking my sugar addiction was a very hard thing to do. However now that I do not need sugar like I used to, I personally can feel how much happier my body is without the sugar rushes and crashes or needing a sugar "fix."

Also keep in mind it gets easier the longer you stick with it. I've been modifying my diet for over a month and taking baby vegan steps along the way. I promise my blog won't turn into a "Eat this! Not that!" manifesto and I won't bring it up unless I have something relevant to talk about or another recipe to share.

Have a great week darlings!

Lady :)

moar GIFS here!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Goth Challenge Day Four: Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

Hello Darlings.

Exciting news, I cut all my hair off. I'll share photos tomorrow. I know how far behind I am in posting. But I've been in a funk recently. I felt like I was going through the most basic motions but I just felt dead. It's hard to describe but I go through moods like that from time to time. Now I'm back and ready to spam your blogger dashboards once again, hah.

 Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to.

  •  I love cemeteries. I enjoy walking through them and looking for them whenever I'm on the road. I find most of them have pretty landscaping and they are always so peaceful.(let's go have a cemetery picnic! :D )
  • You'll find striped stockings in my sock drawer and yes, I do enjoy wearing them. I actually found a pair the other day I want to go and buy. (green and black striped. How cute! )
  •  I definitely relate to the "creative" bone that we're supposed to be born with. You could lock me away for years and years but as long as you kept the paper and pens/paints/ etc. coming I could care less. [dramatic I know but oh so true.]
 I LOVE halloween shopping. That's because you get to stock up on all your day to day goodies for half off.


  •  I love watching shows and reading books about the paranormal. Trust me, I haven't missed a Ghost Adventures episode yet.
  • I enjoy the vampire subculture, but not like I used to. I've read the Ann Rice series but other than that I find they're too romanticized today and aren't portrayed as they actually are. ( I like books like the Encyclopedia of the undead... Which I own. :) )
 Good night darlings. Stay warm and snug in your lil' coffins.