Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another poem and my manicure of the week.

Hello Darlings~

How was your weekend? I'm rather joyful because I got to see my baby brothers. I took them to get caramel apples, cider and then went to the arcade and played laser tag. It was actually really fun! What did you do?

Anyhoo... I felt like sharing another poem. I do recognize and intended it to be rather dramatic and overdone since it talks of love. Also that dramatic side of me found it amusing to write. My love life and those love lives I've witnessed around me have all had that similar dramatic pinch to them so I suppose I find it true, at least in my opinion. I would love to have a love that has no drama to it, or if I could just press a button to fast forward over those parts. I just don't understand it. When you speak and act bluntly there is no room for pointless drama. Speak your mind and say what is honestly on your heart. There is that so hard? Why the lies? Why the sneaking, secretive deception? Why waste our time? We only get one life why do so many accept wading through all the muck? ...aahh, sorry bout that. I didn't intend a rant. Imagine me blushing, wait I don't think you can tell when a pale person is blushing can you? Hm.

"Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? -SH"

Getting on with it.

Devilish Fiend:
You were my dark beauty
Ebony hair and eyes dark as Spanish sweets
Cruel smile, ruby lips

I bleed out my undying love for you
Greedy lips parched for another glass

Those dirty lips caress my own
Drinking in my undying praise for you
Sucking out my soul to create a makeshift plaything

Nails, kicks, hits
You drag my armor off eagerly
Wanting to see my wounded body function helplessly
Ripping tearing – waiting to see how long it bleeds

Breaking everything in your adventure
Have you dug deep enough?
Seen all there is to see?
My love flows just as deep as I said it would

No need to fling me away
My love for you will consume me completely
As long as you keep my tearful steady gaze

AND end my angsty old (and I mean old!) teen love poem hah. Well let me know if you like it or not. I'm always looking to better my work. So if there's anything you think should be changed I'd love to hear your opinion. I have a thick skin. :) Share some of your own, I'd love to hear your stories and poems! <3

On to my manicure: 
Nothing special, but I love that split nail look.I've been doing all different color combinations with this one. Anything to cure the week night boredom, well that and having a dance part of one listening to Specimen haha.
Enjoy your Tuesday,