Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review of Soap and Glory Shower Trip Set.

Hello Darlings!

Tonight is a review night: Soap and Glory Shower Trip Set.

I will be discussing all the products of this set, as well as my opinions based off of how they work for sensitive skin, how long they last and overall satisfaction.

I found this photo on
 So the above photo is all the goodies you will receive in the set. I was so excited to receive this in the mail. I loved the perfumed smell as I unwrapped the bag, and the bag itself. I still use it for my shower bag when I travel. It is extremely roomy! There are five generous travel sized products with a loofah. I bought this from Sephora, although currently I do not see it as an available set to buy.

Scrub of Your Life (6.7oz): I love this scrub when I use it as a hand/heel scrub. I personally did not feel it was strong enough as a body scrub, and I found myself reaching for my homemade sugar scrub to finish the job. It smells nice, but works better and isn't overpowering when saved for a pre-manicure scrub now and again.

Righteous Butter (1.7oz): This was rightly called a butter! I love body butter, but found it to be a little greasy when applying and not long lasting as far as overall moisture goes. I could be wrong, and perhaps shouldn't have used it sparingly but I didn't want to be out of this during my first after shower test. It goes that fast! I found it to drying and it started to break me out for the one week I did use it before giving it to my Grandmother who does not have sensitive skin. Although that is just my personal experience, it could be the body butter of your dreams. It just isn't for us extremely sensitive skinned girl regardless of whoever says otherwise.

Clean On Me (3.4oz): I had a similar experience with the soap as I did the body butter. It suds well, and a little goes a long way, but I found the highly perfumed soap to be drying and irritating for my skin. Again, a little less than two weeks and I broke out into a horrible rash/acne breakout that took me just as long to get rid of. It was especially embarrassing to want to wear t-shirts and you can't in the hot spring weather because of a horrible red rash/pimples on your chest, shoulders and the back of your neck and down. Not to mention uncomfortable. Sensitive skin girls don't even go near this with a 10ft pole.

Sexy Mutherpucker (0.23oz and punch bowl pink): This is the one product that I really love! For those days you want a thick glossy shine over your lipstick, this is the gloss to use. It is also a lip plumping product, so I loved the tingling I got in my lips. It is a bright pink yet depending on how many layers you add it is a nice babydoll pink, just with enough of a pop for your neutral makeup days. However like with all lip products you need to exfoliate your lips or you will have your flaky little lip scales spread all over your sticky pink pout. Not an attractive look!


Hand Food (1.7oz): I love this lotion. It is thick and moisturizing. It doesn't leave your hands oily or sticky like some lotions can. Sometimes I will wear mittens and socks to bed (only in the winter haha) with a thick repairing and moisturizing lotion like this one to repair all the damage I've done to my poor extremities. I hope that is a good description of how this lotion is. I share it with my nana who gets terribly cracked and dry hands and she loves it. So two reviews for the price of one on this one haha.

All in All: ****

I give this set a 4/5. I love the bag and how roomy it is, I use it on all trips and as a daily storage bag. While the soap and body butter gave me a rash, being an extremely sensitive skinned person I should have thought twice about how perfumed it was and what it could have done (did do to me.) I would recommend the body butter in a large tub after you try the sample first, it goes on thickly and goes fast! I also highly recommend the hand soap for all those looking for a good hand cream. what I would not recommend to everyone is the Scrub of Your Life, although I am a cheapskate and just make my own sugar scrubs whenever I need a good scrub down. So I would not recommend based on shelling more money out for something you can make at home.