Monday, April 29, 2013

Long time no see!

Hello Darlings.

I admit first and foremost I have been very naughty for not touching my poor little baby of a blog since Christmas. Christmas? Yes Christmas. Especially naughty for ignoring all the wonderful people who bothered to glance at this little space of mine in the first place.

I would hand you all smack permits to have you hand back to me but unfortunately no-one else seems to think a coupon allowing you to smack other people is a good idea. Hmph.

If you happen to be curious about what happened to me in the first place, I will happily tell you. I finally cut all ties with my mother, who I was having issues with, found a "9-5" job, bought a car and dumped a few other toxic people out of my life. Phew! I had a busy beginning to 2013. I also got my first tattoo but I will save that for another post.

I was really depressed back in the fall and I started my blog as a type of journal to just regurgitate everything onto something since I couldn't talk to other's about all this in my daily life, but I've realized I started blogging for the wrong reasons.

I want to share and enrich another's life, not throw more emotional sludge their way. Therefore I will be revamping this blog somewhat and will start posting once more.

I'm sure that seems like an empty promise and I realize I've said that before. However I also want to post interesting things, so quality over quantity.

I'm excited to share the rest of this year with all of you! I figure I will do a "What's to see in 2013" talking about my new mods and hair etc. as something fun to write about first.

I've missed you all and would love to hear about your Xmas' and New Years as well as whatever else is new since it's almost May.

~ (sheepishly) Lady

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  1. It's good to make changes in your life, and if your relationships are toxic it is best to cut them out, your happiness is important!

    Good to see you back!