Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hair & Color Envy

Hello Darlings.

How are you? Right now I’m listening to “A Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Mussorgsky. I really love this musical score. Is anyone else a big Russian Classical Fan? I have three separate stations on Pandora for music like that. Symphony, Symphony Classical and then Opera. All those stations are oddly smashed in between stations like “The CruxShadows, The Misfits and Ludo on my Pandora haha. Anyways, I thought today I would talk about hair. I’m trying to think of a schedule for my blog without making a ton of personal posts. Yes I think they’re fun, but this isn’t my diary.

First off, I don’t mind outing myself. No, not in that way. I mean I’m a dork. A big dork. A huge dork! You’re talking to the girl who printed out a photo of Kadaj from Final Fantasy and walked into her hair appointment saying “Cut it exactly like this.” What I really wanted was his hair color, hah. So I’ve done cute stuff with my hair and I’ve done dorky stuff. Preferably I don't want to go back to dorky.

I’m bringing up hair because I’ve just been really bored with this messy, wavy curly mess on top of my head.  I’ve had it short so I can spike it in back and left it long to style doll-like ringlets; I’ve had it magenta, blond and black, red, hot pink and  then green streaked. I’ve also enjoyed many a v-fringe and two-tone hair.

For those of you who have an under shave I think that’s my next hairquest, and then onto a mohawk. But I’m not doing it this time around. Why? Well, I want a pixie. A pink or lavender pixie to be specific. I doubt my upcoming part-time job [on top of my other job –sigh-] would approve of such hair hues though. I might become a lawyer’s secretary. This is why I don’t get to do fun things, haha.

However one day I will indulge my inner child with Miwako pink hair. She’s a manga character from Paradise Kiss. One of my few favorites.

  I love color, but only when it pertains to my hair. It's odd. 
Here's three more photos to illustrate my color-love.


All three ladies have gorgeous hair and I thank them for posting their photos so others can have inspiration for beautiful bright hair like them. I really would like to have all three. Well two, although I doubt the orange/red would look good on me. It's a shame since I really am a sucker for hues like that. But I don't love the washing out; staining of shirts [wait, how can I stain black shirts?!], pillowcases and hair towels. Ugh. I didn't just shell out $20 to stain my tub. See, I have really thick hair so I have to buy extra dye just to make sure I have it all uniformly saturated or I'd have spots where I ran out of dye and I'd look like an idiot who didn't know how to color her hair. But I'll take that over my mousey brown super dull hair shade any day. Well most days.

I just realized I meant to talk about hair as in style and not color and color has dominated my post. Way to go self, you're really paying attention aren't you? 

So have any of you sported a pixie recently? At all? I'd love to hear from those who have had the cut and what they think about it. I can only look at so many stupid teen magazine photos of pixie cuts. I can only scroll through google for so long.

Actually I have done more than look at photos. I've read about adjusting to the cut, how to style the cut and how to avoid the mullet stage and not have an awful time growing it out. Oh and I've read about actually growing the cojones and just doing it instead of psyching myself up and then running away from the scissors when the time comes, haha. Yes I actually read that. It's sad.

I personally think I need the hair change because I've been a little too attached to my hair recently. I wasn't like this in high school. Hair was just hair and I really miss that attitude. Supposedly I've "rediscovered" my femininity and feel like I won't be as girly without my hair. Yes, that old debate. BUT if I'm running around in skirts and dresses all day then why do I need that hair? Since when did I care about being feminine in the eyes of others in the first place? And if guys decide to hit on me or not hit on me because of a certain hair length should I care? All I do is throw it up in a bun day after day. It just sits there plotting ways to tangle, get stuck in my spiral plugs and annoy the hell out of me. Stop me before I take a pair of scissors to my hair right now! [again!] I make a terrible hair-cutter outside of shaving my dad's head. 

So.. in the next week there should be a few before/after photos of what I decide to do with my hair.

Have a good night Darlings.


  1. I don't want to be a downer, but make sure it suits your head shape. I have had short hair and it looks utterly awful on me, gives me a big head or something. You don't want to spend a year being misrable while regrowing it like I did.

    I like Classical music, although I can't remember a lot of the names because they have names like symphony 3 op 6. I know I like Night on Bald Mountain, Symphony Fantastique and Danse Macabre. i also love that song No One Shall Know My Name from Turandot.

    I had pink hair once but I don't have any pictures to prove it, cause I didn't like my eyebrows in the one picture I took. So I bet no one belives me, lol.

    1. I never thought of head shape! That is definitely a good point. Thankfully my hair stylist talked with me and really worked to make the cut work for me; face, style, shape, the works. Actually, I only remember classical music because I copy the titles from youtube haha. I'll have to look that song up.

      I believe you, those that do won't mind and those that don't, don't matter :)
      In all honesty pink hair is my life goal right now. After this cut I want to grow my hair super long and dye it cotton candy pink. Although I know it's silly to want princess length pastel hair I cannot wait :D
      What is your fantasy hair goal? Do you have one? Also what brand did you use and what shade of pink did your hair turn out to be?

      Thanks for the comment. :)