Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Goth Challenge! Day 1: How did you come across the subculture?

Hello Darlings!

I hope you're all doing quite well and you enjoyed this weekend. I've been thinking about what to write about today, I've been itching to do a post all weekend but... well the adjective 'busy' is a complete understatement! I crashed a wedding, had the most amazing cup of coffee (ever heard of siphon coffee?!) and saw a random deer head on the side of the road. Taxidermy prank? :)

I realized yet again I hadn't charged my itouch which means no photos. I'll go put myself in the corner and shake my head at such shamefulness.

All this made me realize I've been shamelessly stalking the 'goth challenge' posts and that I need to stop talking and start posting. In a roundabout way this should all make sense. I'll let you figure all my nonsense out. 

First here's two links referring to the challenge: and then Amy on posted her own.

 How did you come across the subculture?

Well, I suppose I came across the subculture in little bites. For as long as I can remember I've always felt the most comfortable in black outfits and listening to dark music and things like that. In the beginning I didn't know what "goth" was [pitiful right?] I felt like it was an ideal right outside my grasp but I would be happier being a part of it than out of it. In middle school I was the new girl so I literally moved from a conservative community to a more liberal area. This allowed me to meet a lot of new friends who eagerly threw me into the pool of books, music, movies,websites and clothing that I had been shielded from but had already dug up on my own. So that was a time of social networking that I instantly soaked up.

the new girl!?!

In highschool I met my older sister figure. I'll label her "Koko" which was one of her actual nicknames. I think she was a major influence in my desire to fine tune my babybat outfits whenever we weren't totally decked out in our punk weekend looks. [[We had a school uniform. On most days I wore black tights or black and white stripped stockings with converse and a black beaded and red lace cross from hot topic. Hoorah for my clothing sensibility. Hair and makeup was a whole other issue!]]

I realize I jump terms, claiming I looked like a babybat but I wasn't one and then I was "punk" or this and that. You have to realize back then I didn't realize how broad the goth community was. I felt I didn't fit into the mold, or was told I didn't [whole different story] and I suppose that was and still is a side affect of kids being fooled by the idea of clicks in school. Goth cheerleaders? Unheard of. goth president of the school board? Unthinkable! If only I knew back then you can identify with something and yet still be an individual. I sit here and seriously wonder where my brain went for those four years...

Anyways I decided to fully step into the subculture when I was music hunting one Friday night. I realized all the music I listened to in high school was considered 'goth.'[I am a big Sisters of Mercy fan just an 'fyi']
Also I suppose when every single person already knows you are and yet you deny it, then it is just getting silly. I don't mean to say people calling me 'goth' made me decide to do "join" but there were so many aligning points I didn't see why I had waited so long to be a part of something that brings me so much joy. Especially being a part of something that just comes naturally and feels, well, right.

I hoped you enjoyed my post darlings.

Have a great night

Lady L.

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