Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY'S and Vacation

Hello Darlings,

I'm trying not to jump up at this moment and send my computer flying, the Time Warp just popped up on my pandora. I really love the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Actually, I missed going to the live performance that was a half hour away from me because of work. I was and still am beyond bummed.
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Oh Tim Curry how I love you. x)
Anyways, I plan to post photos of two skirts I dyed and then make that Portland Black Lipstick Co. makeup review I promised in the beginning. No, I haven't forgotten. I swear I haven't. Not to mention I have to finish painting those sandals. I guess I won't have them to wear down south on my upcoming trip, 2-3 days away mind you. It's beyond chaotic. I still have to pack! At least I cleaned my room and did all my laundry. When I was a kid my mom would pack half clean/half dirty clothes because and I quote, "Your "insert family member" has a laundry machine, so why not use it?" We all know that means by the time you roll up to your relative's house you have a bag of 100% dirty clothes. Ugh.

Actually I'm going to stop there because I'm getting grossed out. I hate wearing dirty clothes. I'm not vain, I just don't like the feeling and not to mention the potential smells dirty clothes carry. It's not like I won't touch them or get squeamish, that would be rather ridiculous. I just like to take care of myself and that extends to the things I own.

So... I don't know if there will be a post in the next two days, but I will stock up on photos so while I'm on vacation I won't totally neglect my blog. Actually I doubt it'll be neglected at all. I'll be going down south; good old Tennessee, and my grandparents share my love of the later hours so that means I'm free to write in the day and then party the night away.


However it's going to be weird changing from cold weather here to warm there. So I'll have to break out my summer clothes to keep from melting and buy a bottle of sun screen. That's doable. Having to wear less makeup and deal with frizzy hair? Grudgingly doable. Finding out the I'll be an hour or two away from a Coheed and Cambria Concert with the 80% possibility of not being able to go? Just plain torture.

Back to the main idea. Here's what I was thinking about the line of posts.
1.) Those skirts and a mini diy
2.) diy sandal post / outfit
3.) hair / vacation post(s)
4.) baking and whatever artsy things my big sister figure and I do
5.) Concert?!?!
6.) outfit / makeup review
7.) probably will start the goth challenge when I get back. It looks interesting to me.

Good night darlings,
"TGIF," Lady


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