Friday, October 5, 2012

About Me

Hello Darlings.

If you hurry over I'd be happy to share my cupcakes with you. Unless my dad has already eaten all of them. I just saw him walking towards the kitchen again, not good. I had the craving for a bite of chocolate so I made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting tonight. I love to bake, and baking on a dark rainy night is even better. :)

But I digress. I wanted to make a short post about me. Personally I think blogs are more interesting when I know a little bit about the other person. The face behind the mask if you will.

So... Well, I'm a 20 year old female. I'll be 21 in 3 months so I'm beyond excited about that. Black Light Birthday Party here I come!


 I'm studying to become a Clinical psychologist and work with children and teens. My personal philosophy is "it's easier to heal the wound now than figure out how to deal with the gangrene later down the road."  That's just something I say when faced with sticky situations. It isn't pointed towards what I think about those who need counseling or troubled kids or anything like that.

 I love black and white horror movies and comedies. My favorite movie is Dracula: Dead and Loving it. My cousin let me watch it with him when I was around 9 or 10 because he knew how much I enjoyed vampire movies. That was around the same time I saw a "goth girl" and have enjoyed the fashion and subculture ever since. Now I won't sit here and pretend that a 9 year old girl would understand the whole subculture. But I had a love of the spooky and that's a good start. Not to mention that when I was 12 I begged my mom to let me dye my hair black. [I wanted to be Wednesday Addams.]


Now when I say I saw a goth girl, I do mean goth. Although to be fair I don't know what music she liked. I remember a head of flaming red hair, a safety pin in her eyebrow (for her own amusement) and the greatest pair of stomping boots I have ever seen. That's probably why I love boots even to this day! She was my fashion idol, my clothing crush. She was always in fishnets and perfectly done makeup whenever I saw her hanging out with my cousin. He was five years older than me so I always looked up to him and his friends, especially that one girl. She was a red headed Adora batbrat, haha.

I bring her up because fashion is a big part of my self image. I had a very conservative mother (Wait, wait don't close the page just yet. I don't dress like this to displease her!)
She always picked out my clothes. Seriously she would go shopping and hold an ugly outfit up and say "I'm buying this for you." Yeah, not happening. So when I had that freedom to buy my own clothes and really show me and what I enjoyed it was an amazing feeling. Which is why I have so much fun today. I think not having that freedom to express myself growing up has made me really perceptive to how I present myself today. Maybe I'll write about some of the kooky things I did when I was little to dress the way I wanted sometime.

But other than that I love art, the outdoors, books and animals. Can I be more cliché? Although I honestly am always doodling or spending time outdoors with a book. I'm going broke over sunscreen and always buying more books! Not to mention all the stray animals that found their way indoors because I adopted them. Three rescue dogs and I've lost track of how many cats I had at my Nana's house. I'll have to tell you all about the time my cousin and I tried to baptize all the kittens sometime. Hahaha....

What else can I say about me? When I lived nearer to Lake Michigan we used to spend practically all our weekends on a secret beach on the lake. I love water. Which is also why I love kayaking. I love spending all my time out, on and in the water. Between you and me, I think I was a mermaid in a past life. That's the only way it would make my water addiction more credible. [[Stop looking at me like I'm crazy, it's beginning to hurt my feelings.]]

Well, I don't really have anything else to add besides I'm really sarcastic and I'm always trying to think of new things to try or do. I meant for this to be a short post and I feel like I've written a book!

(Oh, I plan to get my motorcycle license this summer. I had to throw that in haha. I love motorcycles. I've wanted once ever since I was 10. I guess that was an intense year for my personal preferences huh?) 

Oh. I meant to show you guys my favorite new cup

It's a tumbler I found in the Halloween section of Walmarts. It was $5 max. Disco skeletons hehehe.
I instantly grabbed it and said to my dad "I'm not leaving without this."

If you guys have any questions or something you'd like to hear about or another craft just let me know. Othewise I was thinking of asking Juliets Lace to do the goth challenge. I don't know if we have to ask her or not since she was the one that started it, I just wanted to be polite. I'm the person who asks first instead of having to choke out an apology later.

Also I have more photos of another craft in process coming soon. I'm using some paint to change some ugly old wedge sandals into a hot "new" pair. Well I'm off to wrap birthday presents and listen to CruxShadows. Have a good night darlings.

Lady over and out.


  1. The tumbler is so cute... Dancing Skeletons *smile*

    1. isn't it? :) It was a hard choice deciding which one to get though. They had 3d skull cups, graveyard cups, haunted house cups. Too many to choose from and not enough money haha