Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bikes and Shirt DIY

Hey Darlings!

I don't know about you but I'm glad to jump on the sofa with a big glass of water while I write this post. I just got back from a 30 minute bike ride. I love my old blue Schwinn. I just need a little black basket or something. It was a little early today, I usually ride around sunset. It's such a peaceful feeling to have the wind whip around your ears and through your hair as you ride towards the dying sun while it bleeds out into the growing night sky.  It was so beautiful yesterday! We ended up setting out a little late but being on a lonely dirt road with a rising full moon as the only thing to light your ride back home was a really fun experience. I might have to go out and do that again tonight!

Oops! You shouldn't let me yak on and on like that darlings. I know you aren't interesting in my bike escapades.

Anyways, as promised I went out and got a black t-shirt to attempt that "bleached skeleton t-shirt DIY" I mentioned in an earlier post. Like before, I plan to make this post a part I and then I'll post finished photos during part II. Now on to the fun. :)
Simply look for the photo you want to copy on google. Here's mine.

When thinking about what to use to draw the photo on with, I figured a pastel pencil would be the best, and in white of course. You'll need that and a little bowl of water because you'll need to keep the pencil wet to leave a mark. Of course you don't have to do any of this. you can simply get your paint brush and draw the skeleton straight on. However; for me, the queen of meticulous, I wanted to sketch it on first and then paint the design in. It's your call darling.
I bought a cotton black t-shirt from Target. It was $6. This photo is just to show how well the pastel pencil works. It was a little smudgy from time to time but overall It worked very well and I was happy with it. Although I was annoyed at my drawing from time to time. You'll laugh when you see the final picture. I draw slanted so it looks like I have scoliosis, not that scoliosis is something to laugh about.

Here's the left ribcage done. I didn't feel the need to take pictures of the spine or right ribcage. You'll see it clear enough when I get the second coat of bleach on. Actually it's 100% done now. I simply want another coat of bleach on it, and I might try and shade a few spots. Well I hope this inspires someone else to go out and get their own artistic fingers going. It was a really fun project and now I have an awesome shirt to wear around town. Win-Win in my book. I'm easy to please. Actually that's not true. But who cares, I hope you enjoyed part I. Keep your eyes open to part II, and I'll probably due an outfit post with it too.

Night Darlings

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