Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skeletal Sunday

Hello Darlings!

I feel like I've finally eased up a bit when it comes to the idea of blogging in my mind. Does that sound odd? Let me explain. It's as if I'm receptive now. I was stiff and nervous about what to write almost, now I just let it flow.

Anyways! I had a rather eventful weekend and I'm already thinking about my next DIY. I saw this AWESOME "DIY bleach skeleton shirt" from Darkly Dreams blog. Instant desire. I will not rest until I do this! Feast your eyes on it:

I also had the joy of seeing family this weekend. When I'm with family I feel like a re-charged battery.I just soak up all the love and acceptance and it really electrifies my week. My grandma loves my ear plugs, my little cousin loves my red hair and my black nails. It just one of those times when there was no bullshit or drama, just peace. It was nice to tell you the truth. [Who are those people and what did they do to my real family??] also found out that my boots have finally shipped and I should get them in 14-17 days. I'm beyond excited! Here's what they look like. Yes... they're nothing special. I know. I just need a fresh pair of boots, my old ones were worn to the nubs.  I'm really upset though. I found a cute pair of halloween earrings at Kohls. They have cute Halloween jewelry out, shock! I found bat and tombstone earrings. But I have stretched ears. Boo! Then was my savior!! They have a bat cartilage piece so I'm much better.I know that doesn't really solve my 'earring dilemma' but it made me feel better because they had something I liked for a cheap price. Under $5! Have you figured out that Lady loves bats yet Darlings? It's true. They're so cute.  I know this post isn't exactly relevant but it lends to my next DIY.
However this isn't going to turn into a diy blog. That would be too tedious. I have craft ADD. I would never get anything done and everyone would get mad at me from impatience, haha.

Well have a ooky-spooky night Darlings. I'm off to paint and listen to Kittie.

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