Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zingerman's Delicatessan and a side order of a head cold

Hello Darlings!

 So I'm sorry I haven't posted anything recently but I was running around Ann Arbor the other day without proper attire and I caught a cold. No surprise there. I have this belief that since I don't feel cold I won't catch a cold and yet ... it never works. Anyways I wanted to throw out a few shop finds while I was feeling well enough to crawl out of bed and over to my laptop. For those of you who have a target close by check it out:
I found a spider web rug for $2.50. They are also selling spider web laced curtains and mantle covers at $20 a piece I believe. I went out to pick up my boots and I knew I wasn't feeling well when I didn't even have the desire to browse Halloween decorations at Target or the Dollar Store.

Also if you're in Ann Arbor Michigan any time soon, or planning a trip there, I highly suggest Zingerman's Deli. I got the cuban conundrum which was a very spicy and totally delicious sandwich! So all you spicy fans now have something new to look forward to sinking your lil fangs into. The coconut gelato was a perfect finish to the little luncheon my uncle and I had together as well. I got the Cuban because I was curious about the cuban pulled pork sandwich, Dexter fans anyone?? :)

While we were waiting to place our order I almost had a heart attack darlings, it was terrible. I saw a guy behind the counter who was a 100% exact clone of my ex. I started and turned around in a frazzle attack only to realize my mistake and make a complete fool of myself.Thank goodness the place was so busy during the lunch rush no-one really noticed. It reminded me a doppelganger it was so exact.

Well I have nothing else to add today, I actually feel the need to crawl back into my blanket cocoon and sleep for a week straight. I might have to make someone run out and fetch me another green tea latte. I have a slight obsession, they're so tasty!

Have a pleasant weekend darlings.

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