Sunday, September 23, 2012

Craft Update

Hello Darlings!

I finally got the finished photos of my lamp. The only camera I have is the one on my itouch so I apologize in advance for some less than quality photos. I had a nice camera once and then I had to replace the battery and the rest is history. My room is like a black hole. Want to lose something? Open my bedroom door and you will never have to see it again. It's sad...

Anyways! Here is my finished product:

I think it turned out nicely. It's cute enough for every day in a whimsical way and yet fulfills my need to have spooky decorations in my room. I was also thinking that you could always substitute light bulbs with this lamp too. Perhaps a red or purple one?

Since I've completed this lil' craft I'm off to begin my next one. I think I have some shopping to do tomorrow which means I'll buy a few more black t-shirts so I can begin that bleached skull shirt tutorial. I really wanted to make my own after I saw the one had.

Have a nice week darlings
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