Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14th

Hello Darlings!
How was your Friday?
As we all know life is a chaotic thing and things never go as we plan them. I've decided to make this post a "before post" on my lamp and list what I used and the step-by-step process of my batty little lamp. Ah! I spoiled the surprise. However, yes, it's true. I decided on a bat print for my lamp. But I'll get to that in a moment. So. I had a very boring lamp. Something that looked like this...
 You can see why something had to be done with this bland lamp!! I decided on a basic but adorable bat outline. See! I instantly fell in love. :)
I cut out the bats so I could trace them onto the lampshade. I'm using dermacoat acrylic paint for this project as well as a sharpie. For those of you who don't have a steady hand, or are to worried about making a mistake I suggest a pencil. I simply chose a sharpie because a pencil wasn't leaving a dark enough outline for me to see it, plus I have a "heavy drawing hand" which means I tend to rest my hand on my work and smudge everything to high heaven. Ugh.
See? I personally think it was a fine idea. It leaves the area open to decide where to place your bats and then you aren't worried about crinkling the bat or having to move tape to copy the design etc. etc.
So after what seemed an eternity (Trust me if you trace and paint it will feel like that!) I had a finished base to begin painting.
In the beginning I had spray-painted those two thick black lines. You can see the spillage lines where my tape didn't hold. No problem! I decided to balance the design with white. Which cleans up the run-on and will give the lampshade a nice proportional feeling. Truth be told I love symmetry so I'm more than happy right now.
Right now I plan to go back to painting. I think this will need two coats for everything; white, bats, the thin black lines.. no worries. I will post a finished photo soon! I wanted to post something to show that it's a tedious craft and I'm not slacking off.

Night Darlings!


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  1. This lamp looks like it's gonna be awesome when finished :) let us know how it goes! x