Saturday, December 8, 2012

updates and early birthday post

Hello Darlings!

Sooo... Tomorrow's my burfdah! Lucky uneven 21. I'm more into even numbers and symmetrical objects... (I've been acting like this gif all day in excitement. Someone slap me back into reality)


I plan to do a outfit/cake post tomorrow. I just feel so bad I haven't posted anything recently.

But I do plan to do two nail reviews, three makeup reviews and a soap and glory review of the shower trip bag full of goodies I bought before this month is over.

I was google scrolling again when I found the perfect cake for tomorrow. Yes, I make my own cakes. No, I don't think it's sad or do I care. Store cakes are usually stale tasting and sickly sweet to me.

I cheated today. I did not make a vegan cake, but only because I didn't feel like driving an hour for fake butter and egg replacer. C'est la vie. One day out of the year doesn't make me a bad person.

Ms. Joanne of made the cutest cake imaginable!
I decided to make all 3 layers pink and added a little purple to one. Then I made a soft cotton candy pink frosting with rainbow star sprinkles, topped with white and pink candles.

Don't ask me why I wanted a sweet lolita type birthday cake. I'm still slightly questioning myself. But still... it's soo cute! :3
tasty peach I think. if this is yours let me know.

Anyways, I still have a few things to do before tomorrow, so have a lovely night darlings.


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  1. Happy Birthday today (or maybe it's yesterday by now)... Anyway, hope it is/was great! :o)