Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nail Polish Review: OPI I'm so sari

Hello Darlings!

How are all of you doing? I hope you all are well. If you're a student, then I hope your Christmas break finals went by without any major problems and that you can now enjoy a relaxing Christmas break. I personally am not concerned with finals at this point in time, since I left school for this semester to round up some more dough. If I've already mentioned this in past posts, I apologize. My memory is kaputzzz at the moment...

Getting on with tonight's review! I found a lovely lovely glittery teal nail polish. It's everything I hoped for and more. I prefer wearing neutrals and letting my one or two accessories be colorful, or my nails will suffice. However I usually do not paint my nails. They break and chip like poorly made dentures and I can never get over how angry I get at putting all the time and effort into such a beautiful manicure to have it look awful within 48 hours.

I thought that maybe I was just buying crappy polish. Ergo, buy better polish and it chips less. Too True! I'm going to stop being such a penny pincher in the future and buy better quality products in certain situations.

*Tip* For you ladies who also suffer with constantly chipping nails, keep the nail polish off your fingers/toes for the weekend to let them breath, and try a product like Essie Vitamin E Base Coat. I bought mine at Ulta's and it has worked very well with the quality/lasting time of my manicures.

OPI I'm So Sari:

 Also it's nice that while there is glitter in it, it isn't obnoxiously noticeable. I like that it sparks when my hands are in the sun but then you just get that lovely blue hue the rest of the time.
 As a bonus, look at the little guy I found in our barn a few weekends ago! Isn't he adorable? It's a little baby field mouse. He wasn't scared of me at all. He/She just walked around and came close to my shoes to investigate and stare up at my towering self. I wasn't very original when I named him, but I call him timothy. My dad face-palmed himself when I said "But we can just call him tiny tim." I suppose he doesn't appreciate my dry humour. *Sigh*

My grandparents make fun of me, saying I'm so desperate for another pet I've been reduced to kidnapping field mice. Hmph. If only my grandma wasn't so disapproving of animals,I would have the lab or huskie puppy I've been dreaming of for a long time. -tear-

I like cats but I enjoy a more outdoorsy life style (gothic mori girl style?) and dogs better suit my taste of a fellow hiking/adventurous companion.

Have a good night darlings!



  1. Aw, what a gorgeous mouse! Are you keeping it in the house? I want one like that! I adore little creatures!

    The nailpolish looks good. I am still too stingy to get good quality nailpolish! :P The one good quality one I have still chips. At the moment I am wearing glittery gold which isn't as noticeable when it chips, I haven't redone it for a week, although it's pretty battered now. ha ha.

    1. No, I only see timothy whenever I go into the barn, and then I have to put him back near his nest because he is a very curious little guy and I don't want him to get hurt. Last time he was examining my bike and if I hadn't doubled checked around the back tire to make sure he wasn't there I would've hurt him.

      I'm sure he has many brothers and sisters so you can have as many as you like, haha.

      I usually don't buy good quality either, but if I wear the color a lot then I will splurge because of the cost per wear ratio otherwise I buy the cheap stuff to experiment with color.

      Isn't it interesting how lighter colors don't look so terrible chipped as other colors do? It sounds like we're both in need of "mani's" haha.